Career Summary

Creative problem solver motivated by the challenge of solving complex technical problems. Seeking to take current and past expertise into the field of framework engineering.

Work Experience

Django / Python Developer

Mant Monster
2017 - Present

Proficient in Django models, function based views, all CRUD related transactions (with multiple database systems), model forms and formsets as well as related validation, class based views, templates, testing models, deployment, the Django REST framework and more.


Built a series of portable Django apps, some of which include:

  • User login framework using email instead of username.
  • Portable web scrapers for collecting data from external sites .
  • A RestFul API for viewing, editing and updating site content.
  • Portable blogging framework.

Technologies used:

  • Django
  • Python
  • Linux
  • Bootstrap
  • mySQL
  • AWS

Digital Product Manager

2016 - 2017

Designed and lead a team tasked with creating an extensive and cutting edge Application Programming Interface (API)


  • Allowed 3rd party companies to utilize the vast data and digital services that SOCAN has built for Canadian songwriters.
  • Communicated with over 30 companies to collect information for the contribution to the API's development.
  • Designed over 60 API calls to cover all possible application purposes.

Technologies used:

  • Apigee
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AWS
  • MySQL

Manager, Product Development
2013 - 2016

Managed a portfolio of integrated vendor products and product roadmaps to support a large multi-platform online subscription video service .


  • Stood on the front lines building a technology team to develop a large-scale online video streaming product. A professional, solid team was assembled quickly and the product was under development far earlier than originally anticipated in an Agile environment.
  • Lead a team of business analysts to refine business requirements and translate them into language that could be consumed by internal and external development teams. The translation process resulted in a streamlined development operation and removed a huge amount of ambiguity between business and technology requirements.
  • Assessed vendor products and managed the subsequent relationships, always managing to maintain open communication channels between relevant parties. These open channels allowed external technologies to be plugged into internal technology quickly, efficiently and with few complications. Also managed to convince several vendors to add roadmap items to benefit our product.

Technologies used:

  • Akamai
  • The Platform
  • REST
  • Salesforce

Product Manager
2009 - 2013

Head of strategy and development of streaming digital video and audio products.


  • Managed the road mapping and strategy behind a large video streaming site that saw consumption rates jump 400% in a very short time period.
  • Worked with multiple internal stakeholder groups to ensure that development tasks remained in line with overall business objectives. Managed to keep a large, disparate group of content areas (Sports, TV, Radio) on a unified track.
  • Worked closely with sales and marketing teams to identify, road-map and execute new advertising strategies. Deployed many novel technologies, including multiple audio and video streaming ads and live video in-stream mid-rolls. Also developed a method for using content meta data to direct users to appropriate advertising templates.
  • Rolled out multiple cutting-edge accessibility features and became one of the first sites in North America to introduce closed captioning to a majority of its video streaming content.

Technologies used:

  • Akamai
  • REST
  • Actionscript
  • Javascript

Flash Developer

2006 - 2009

Managed video post-production services, video development platforms and Flash Development initiatives.


  • Lead a post-merger, video vendor selection process to find a compatible system for all of Canwest’s online properties. Achieved unanimous strategic agreement among all key stakeholders.
  • Developed a new paradigm for the front-end delivery of video content combining Flash with Ajax/jQuery which significantly improved front end performance, user experience and the speed of content publishing.
  • Established meta-data rules for producers and content teams to organize and describe their video content, making it easier for end-users to find video and for sales teams to monetize it.
  • Supervised the Flash team in an effort to consolidate applications and upgrade older pieces to Actionscript 3.0, resulting in a streamlined portfolio of Flash applications.

Technologies used:

  • Actionscript 2/3
  • Javascript
  • .net C#
  • MongoDB

Senior Flash Developer

Alliance Atlantis Broadcast
2006 - 2007

Head of strategy and development of streaming digital video and audio products.


  • Oversaw the technical transition from Alliance's proprietary video streaming application to a complete online video advertising solution, working with a major U.S. company to ensure all technical, content and advertising needs were met. Video views increased nearly 300%.
  • Developed several of the necessary integration pieces that made video players compatible with Alliance's analytics and ad-serving platforms, providing for more efficient tracking and monetization of video assets.
  • Developed custom Flash solutions, working closely with .net developers to integrate applications into Alliance's infrastructure, driving such high profile products as,, and

Technologies used:

  • Actionscript 2/3
  • Javascript
  • .net C#
  • MongoDB

Skills & Tools

  • Strong relationship management skills.
  • Adept at explaining technology to non–technical people
  • Robust technical skills
  • Experienced in most modern programming languages
  • Self-motivated and organized


  • Python/Django
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • C / C# / .net
  • Perl
  • Hadoop / Big Data
  • Java


  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Linux


  • Media Streaming
  • Mapreduce
  • Spark
  • Hive
  • HBase
  • Perl
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS
  • Git


  • MSc in Computer Science
    University of Guelph
    1996 - 2000

Further Learning

  • University of Alberta
    Client Needs and Software Requirements
    Software Processes and Agile Practices
    Introduction to Software Product Management
    Strong relationship management skills.

    Johns Hopkins University
    The Data Scientist’s Toolbox
    Exploratory Data Analysiss
    R Programming
    Reproducible Research
    Getting and Cleaning Data

    Introductory Statistics
    Foundations of Objective-C App Development
    Strategic Marketing - Ryerson University
    Pragmatic Marketing Certified
    Akamai University Certified
    Effective Negotiating - Karrass


  • Politics
  • Cooking
  • Physics
  • Boxing
  • Running